Graphic Design

C.WU DDU Midterm Final Ver

A piece done for a class project known as “Word Association”, the objective was to create a poster using the words: crane, petrichor, wind, palimpsest, simulacrum.
By interpretation: “crane” a large metal fixture, and “petrichor” is post-rain; natural. “Palimpsest” being something aged, “simulacrum” something symbolic. “Wind” as well, wind.
In conjunction; an aged postcard, advertising home-windmills used for generating energy. Symbolic of the 1950’s style, expressions, and attitudes towards the future.



xuan zang 02

sun wukong 02

zhu baije

sha wujing

Four flat-styled illustrations featuring fictional protagonists: Xuan Zang, Sun Wukong, Zhu Baije, and Sha Wujing from the 1592 Chinese epic novel; Journey To The West.


A t-shirt design created for future production for my friends and I; the Monsterz INC (B-Boy) Crew.


Portraits of myself using only bezier curves and elliptical shapes.


Visual Effects


Renders of a model of my childhood room; focuses were placed on the texturing of various furniture pieces as well as the overall lighting. Created for a Maya modeling class.


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