NBC News


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A site designed and developed for NBC News; built out via Google Sites.
The site serves as a “wiki” for their Ad Operations team, in which they use to share documentation amongst themselves and other company departments.


Blip Center


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Logo Drafts


Created for Blip, Blip Center is the identity and website, designed and developed as a social intranet platform for the company.
Combining elements from social media and more traditional corporate intranets, Blip Center allows employees to post, share updates, photos, and IRC chat.
The website also allows employees the benefits of a traditional intranet such as access to logistical personal and company information.


Graphic Design

C.WU DDU Midterm Final Ver

A piece done for a class project known as “Word Association”, the objective was to create a poster using the words: crane, petrichor, wind, palimpsest, simulacrum.
By interpretation: “crane” a large metal fixture, and “petrichor” is post-rain; natural. “Palimpsest” being something aged, “simulacrum” something symbolic. “Wind” as well, wind.
In conjunction; an aged postcard, advertising home-windmills used for generating energy. Symbolic of the 1950’s style, expressions, and attitudes towards the future.



xuan zang 02

sun wukong 02

zhu baije

sha wujing

Four flat-styled illustrations featuring fictional protagonists: Xuan Zang, Sun Wukong, Zhu Baije, and Sha Wujing from the 1592 Chinese epic novel; Journey To The West.


A t-shirt design created for future production for my friends and I; the Monsterz INC (B-Boy) Crew.


Portraits of myself using only bezier curves and elliptical shapes.


Visual Effects


Renders of a model of my childhood room; focuses were placed on the texturing of various furniture pieces as well as the overall lighting. Created for a Maya modeling class.