Client: Opera

Art Direction // Social // Photo & Video

Web /


TikTok Ads

Proj. Notes

A sample portfolio of multidisciplinary assets produced for Wella colorcharm.

Art direction was exercised throughout the production of a set of key visuals (KV) created for Wella colorcharm’s latest global brand refresh, from on-set model direction to wardrobe. Contrasting colors were embraced to re-establish an exciting and cohesive visual world for the Wella colorcharm brand.

In keeping with the brand’s affinity for boldness, a series TikTok ads were produced for Wella colorcharm to drive product awareness. An emphasis was placed on pairing content generated by Wella colorcharms’ community with the organic typography, transitions, and pacing native to TikTok to invoke a genuine expression of self.

Pre-Production: Storyboard & Moodboard