Client: SteelSeries

Digital Design // Performance Creative // UI/UX

Paid Ads / A/B Testing

Email Marketing

Proj. Notes

A sample portfolio of multidisciplinary assets produced for SteelSeries.

Performance data was leveraged to inform the visual direction for ads: The featured ads tested elements such as consumer aesthetics, genres vs. gaming IPs, in-game visuals vs. brand imagery, and more. Light mode and ads featuring beloved game titles and visual styles were identified as the clear winners. These learnings were applied and translated to subsequent campaigns across ads in all stages of the funnel and creative formats in static, video, and motion for a scroll-stopping yet of-the-moment authentic ad and brand experience.

Art direction and UI/UX design principles were exercised when redesigning SteelSeries’ email direction. An emphasis was placed on CRO, creating opportunities for conversion utilizing niche gamer language and relevant gaming culture imagery to design engaging reads while highlighting the brand’s fun-loving ethos.

— Success with performance creative in SteelSeries’ software business was recognized throughout the client org, earning the agency SteelSeries’ premiere gaming hardware business.