Client: STEADY

Activation // Apparel Design // Creative Direction


Proj. Notes

Created, produced, and led through STEADY, “FIGHT FOR US” was a charity initiative launched through Instagram between STEADY and nine other local NYC-based businesses in response to Covid-19 Pandemic-related racial tensions towards the AAPI population in NY.

The 10-way collaboration took the form of a designed and retailed graphic tee raising over $2000 in one week. All proceeds were donated to the charity organization Heart of Dinner.

— As a brand of diverse backgrounds, STEADY recognized its responsibility to fight against harmful narratives that exist about food, culture, and people at large. Despite hearing the voices of communities within NY calling to meet the climate of hatred with anger and reciprocity, STEADY and its collaborative family instead pushed back against this notion. The “FIGHT FOR US” initiative and graphic tee references and drew inspiration from the acts of Jet Li and Aaliyah’s characters in the film Romeo Must Die (2000), where the characters defied expectations of vengeance in favor of their moral compass and racial solidarity.

Press: Heart of Dinner, Emily Go @ Medium

A warm thanks to our collaborative family:
886, Canal Street Market, Eggloo, Kopitiam, Madame Vo, Nowon, Very Fresh Noodles, White Noise Coffee Co, Win Son, and Heart of Dinner. — Special thanks to Terryka Mann.