Client: Nioxin

Art Direction // Branding // Photo


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Proj. Notes

A sample portfolio of multidisciplinary assets produced for Nioxin.

Art direction was exercised throughout the production of a set of lifestyle visuals for Ulta Beauty, from set design to lighting, specifically for this campaign, wardrobe, and model body language. Open expressions of joy and a warmer color pallete were embraced to re-establish a more down-to-earth and approachable visual world for the Nioxin brand.

Thanks to the success of this new direction, product lifestyle visuals were produced as a follow-up for Nioxin’s latest e-Comm offerings at Target & CVS. An emphasis was placed on the stage setting, using organic elements such as marble, plants, and natural light to further refresh and re-establish the visual world of Nioxin’s products.

— Stepping away from Nioxin’s previous clinical-leaning direction.

Pre-Production: Storyboard & Moodboard